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Gails pool safety net

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Swimming pool safety is what we specialize in and to this end we at SA Pool Nets and Covers make sure that all our products are custom-fitted according to the shape of your swimming pool.

All the materials on our safety nets are optimised for local conditions and are unique to SA Pool Nets and Covers, and complies to SABS and ISO standards. We only use A-grade materials for our nets.

We measure and custom fit swimming pool safety nets to fit the shape of your pool. We have made pool nets in all shapes and sizes as can be seen in the accompanying photographs.

Over the years we have fitted a variety of quality nets to our clients’ swimming pools to ensure their safety. See our gallery below.


Is it law to have a pool net in South Africa?

The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) SANS 10134 states: Every private swimming pool that can hold more than 30 cm of water should be surrounded by a child-proof fence and also be fitted with a safety net or a solid safety cover to prevent children drowning.

Does the law require a pool safety in South Africa?

All homeowners have a responsibility to people who visit their homes. Municipal laws address this issue in particular.

According to the National Building Regulations we must be concerned specifically with:

swimming pools (amongst other mentioned requirements).

When you search Google concerning pool safety you will find countless references addressing this matter in English and Afrikaans. In many instances they tell you how important it is to have the area around your swimming pool fenced and the minimum protection for the pool is a pool safety net.

Because we can’t ensure that everybody entering our premises can swim and toddlers are particularly at risk of drowning, we must at least get a pool net installed. We don’t want visitors accidentally making their way or falling into our pool's water.

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Ex1. pool without safety net - unsafe



Example 1: Swimming pool without a safety net. Unsafe

Ex1. pool with safety net - safe


Example 1: Swimming pool with a safety net. Safe

Ex2. pool without safety net - unsafe



Example 2: Swimming pool without a safety net. Unsafe

Ex2. pool with safety net - safe


Example 2: Swimming pool with a safety net. Safe

Ex3. pool without safety net - unsafe



Example 3: Swimming pool without a safety net. Unsafe

Ex3. pool with safety net - safe


Example 3: Swimming pool with a safety net. Safe

pool net with Hooks
Niketa pool safety net
Anika pool safety net with hooks


From the many examples on this page you can see that any shape of pool can be made SAFE by means of a pool safety net. You will also notice that the safety net is securely anchored to the paving around the pool. This method has proved itself over the years to be child-safe and we have never had a pool drowning with any of our installed pool safety nets.

After S A Pool Nets and Covers has installed the net for your pool our technician will explain how to remove the net when you want to swim and how to re-instal it to keep your pool SAFE.

You will also notice how lovely your swimming pool looks with one of our professionally made and installed pool safety nets.



Allison's pool before.

Allison Before

Chris before without net.

Chris Before

Allison's pool after net installed.

Allison After

Chris' pool with pool safety net.

Chris After

Ann's pool without safety net.

Ann Before

Leon's pool not safe. No net.

Leon Before

Ann's pool with pool safety net.

Ann After

Leon now has a safe pool with a net.

Leon After

dog and cat by pool
"What is the life of a child worth? Or the lives of your pets? They are irreplaceable!" Not all pets can swim!


Most recently had a pool net fitted by the guys from SA Pool Nets. Can only say a big thank you to Louis and his team, for their excellent and professional service. Service of this quality is a rarity in today's society.

Clinton Venter

The best service ever

Dino Jonker

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